Would you like to know what it's really like to be a She Will Shine Member? Here you'll find our members sharing their thoughts on our supportive village for female business owners.

"LOVE IT! I'm involved in many women's business groups and this one is the best by far! Friendly, business savvy go getter women in a warm and welcoming environment! Well worth the investment!!!"
Kate Hamer, Ethikate


“Being part of such a supportive group filled with interesting, creative, clever, funny, beautiful women? Priceless. We all need a (business) girl gang, and this is mine.”
Fiona Johnston, Peach Business Management

"It is such a joy to meet other intelligent, interesting women, who are sharing the challenges and joys of running a business, in such a focused, but also relaxed way."
Cath Connell, Wholehearted Marketing

"The sessions are fantastic, not only has it made me push the boundaries of my own business, but it's also made me stop and ask some questions about my business and where I want/need to go in both the short and long term."
Renae Howard, Gosh Creative

"I love being one of the She Will Shine members! It is a wonderful and like-minded group to be a part of. I love attending the business workshops and events as Danielle brings together like-minded women who support one another on their business journey."

Rhiannon Colarossi, The Wellbeing Web

“One of the best things I did this year? Joined She Will Shine - a women’s business network that defied all my expectations. The women I have met through SWS have been supportive, encouraging and non-judgemental, even when they’re my so-called competition. So frigging awesome! Thanks She Will Shine for nurturing such a fab girl gang.”
Emma McMillan, Emma McMillan Copywriter

"Being in business as a solo operator can be hard work. At times you can feel isolated, confused, anxious, doubtful. What if there was a community you could be part of to help ease ALL of those issues?? There is - She Will Shine does just that and more."

Stacey Price, Healthy Business Finances

"The thing that I love about She Will Shine is the community. From the sessions to the Facebook group. Everyone seems genuinely interested in contributing and encouraging rather than just selling their own stuff. After a few months I now have a much clearer idea of what to focus my energies on and more confidence to try new things."
Helle Warming, Lucas Loves Cars

“There’s something to be said about family. And friends. And community. Joining up to the She Will Shine group was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my biz life.

Not only has the continued support in business been incredible, but meeting & networking with some of the nicest women, all working with the same goal - to do what we do, as best we can, and enjoy it - has been the biggest plus for me.

For those that know me, I’m a plain Jane, no-fuss kind of chick. I treasure honesty & love real people with good intentions (no shady filters, no smokey mirrors) so it makes sense that I found this tribe.”
Angelique Petzierides, Social Media Mania

“As someone who is not naturally a networker, I found the group to be welcoming, genuine and supportive. It was a fantastic source of referrals and collaborations in addition to being a great resource for advice and support. Many mums in business are a part of this group, and as a new working mum/business owner, I received so much fantastic advice to help nail the work/life/kids juggle.

As its Sydney Ambassador, I am proud to promote the benefits of She Will Shine and the awesome tribe of female business owners within it. I believe that I’m a better copywriter, business owner and mum for having met the wonderful women in this group – and if I can help create a welcoming space for another working mum, then #myjobhereisdone."
Kate O'Mealley, Oh My Word



“My experience with She Will Shine has always been a positive one. Whether it is seeking advice from other members through the Facebook group, or utilizing other members services they offer, I always get answers and help, as it seems there is an expert in every field within the SWS community. I am so glad I joined because not only have I noticed an improvement in the performance of my business, but I have made some wonderful connections and friends along the way. It can be quite isolating when running your own business so this is the best thing to join for genuine support and friendship.”
Ebony Korkie, Untangled Living


“She Will Shine came to me via Facebook during sleepless nights in the early days as a new mum. I was looking for a community of women who get it, who have been there and who are just as excited about being in business as I am. No pretences, no judgement, it's women supporting each other, connecting together, co-creating together at She Will Shine all the way. I'm glad I found you when I did!"
Anna Pino, Natural Harmony Traditional Chinese Medicine

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