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Is it time for you to shine? Our She Will Shine Members think so.

“It’s been one of the best decisions I’ve made as a business owner.” – Leonie Lockwood

“One of the best things I did this year? Joined She Will Shine – a women’s business network that defied all my expectations. The women I have met through SWS have been supportive, encouraging and non-judgemental, even when they’re my so-called competition. So frigging awesome!” – Emma McMillan

“If you’re sitting on the fence and wondering if you should join, my advice would be YES, do it! After leaving corporate life I struggled with working on my own, but SWS has given me a virtual team of supporters and provided me with the opportunity to attend networking events and co-working days so I’m not isolated anymore. I’ve also received amazing advice and business referrals which wouldn’t have been possible without this group! I believe everyone needs a supportive network to thrive in business, and for me, She Will Shine helps me to do just that.” – Hayley Robertson

“Joining up to the She Will Shine group was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my biz life. Not only has the continued support in business been incredible, but meeting & networking with some of the nicest women, all working with the same goal – to do what we do, as best we can, and enjoy it – has been the biggest plus for me. I treasure honesty & love real people with good intentions so it makes sense that I found this tribe” – Angelique Petzierides

A membership to She Will Shine is like no other. You get great support and friendship with like minded, hard working business women. The fake and pushy need not apply. – Helle Warming

“I was looking for a community of women who get it, who have been there and who are just as excited about being in business as I am. No pretences, no judgement, it’s women supporting each other, connecting together, co-creating together at She Will Shine all the way. I’m glad I found you when I did!” – Anna Pino

Join She Will Shine and be connected and supported by a community of women who will encourage and support you fiercely. Who will embrace who you are, as you are. And who will help you to grow your business on your own terms.

Please see our full terms that apply, here: https://shewillshine.com.au/pages/terms-and-conditions.html

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$490 / Year
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