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Events for women in business across Australia

Attend any She Will Shine event for women in business to experience our welcoming community up close. And with a calendar full of virtual and in-person events, you can join us no matter where you are – metro, regional or rural Australia.

Our friendly on and offline events are a chance to connect, learn, collaborate and laugh. A space for business and life conversations with friends old and new.

On our events calendar:

  • Get expert advice, including valuable personalised feedback in super-convenient online Masterclasses
  • Wind down with great conversation and connection at Friday Drinks, all from the comfort of your couch
  • Have coffee and a chat up close and personal at an in-person Meetup (Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane)
  • Experience the energy of a Member Dinner, connecting with like-minded women over a great meal
  • Plus so much more.

She Will Shine members have access to all of the events for women in business listed below. Not a member yet? Join us!




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