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Angelique Petzierides, Social Media ManiaYour Social Media channels are coasting along nicely. So what’s next – how do you take your content to the next level? Social Media expert, Ange Petzierides, shares her wisdom.

We’ve got the social media strategy, the plan and the content. But where do we go from here? What’s the next step for elevating our social media activity?

There’s no shortage of options – from Facebook Live to Instagram Stories and all the hashtags in between – but it’s hard to know what’s going to resonate with our audience. Here to answer these question and help us pick our way through the crowded marketplace is our resident social media guru, Ange Petzierides from Social Media Mania.

How do I know my Social Media is working?
Start regularly looking at your insights to see what’s popular and determine which content is working and which is not; it could save you valuable time and money. If possible, try and look at how your numbers are tracking every week. If you find your content is getting lost, take steps to make it more effective.

If your content is resonating with your audience, the engagement rates will be high. When you’ve slaved for hours over some shiny new content, you want to make sure your audience appreciates the finished product.

How can I work smarter not harder?
Social media can be all-consuming for small business owners, so it’s crucial to have a plan for keeping on top of everything. Every week or fortnight, look at what events are coming up or what offers you have lined up; you can plan content around them in advance.

Try some time-saving tactics like scheduling your posts in advance. Facebook allows you to do this from inside the platform, but you can also use third-party apps like Iconosquare, Sprout Social or Buffer. That way you can spend a couple of hours scheduling all your social media content for the week and monitor your stats, making tweaks as necessary.

If you’re finding social media too time-consuming, perhaps consider outsourcing. Paying a professional who can confidently speak in your tone of voice could be the best way to optimise your social channels and free up your time.

Should I be using more tools?
Hashtags, Instagram Stories and Facebook Live, are all good tools to try out, but make sure they are effective for your audience before you spend too much time on them.

Hashtags categorise content and make it more discoverable. Be sparing though – using more hashtags doesn’t necessarily mean more people will see your post. For example, if you’re hosting a networking night in Melbourne for women in business, there’s little point in using #melbourne – so are millions of other Instagrammers. Instead, narrow it down to #NetworkingMelbourne or #womeninbusiness.

With tools like Stories and Live, there’s a tendency to use them simply because they are new. Keep content fresh, entertaining and relevant to your business to avoid diluting your brand.

Can I repurpose content?
Absolutely. If a post gets unusually good engagement, there’s no harm in saving yourself a bit of time by re-posting it. For example, you could change a photo gallery into a video slideshow. In fact, any posts you can convert into video will get greater engagement as Facebook currently prioritises this type of content over others.

What are the top three things I need to know?
1. Research your customer – find out who will be interested in your content
2. Define your voice – be instantly recognisable to build loyalty
3. Monitor your stats – keeping track of your stats leads to you posting the right content at the right time for the right audience.

With a few smart decisions, the right tools and a well-researched audience you can take your social media to the next level – without investing your precious resources.


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