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What led Lou to becoming a health and hormone coach?

In this episode of the She Will Shine podcast Danielle chats to Lou Carbone. Lou is the Founder of The Peppermint Tree, and is a women’s health and hormone coach.

Lou shares how her families health issues sparked a passion for women’s health, and the joy she has found in helping women have a better quality of life.

Our conversation includes:
• how Lou’s career journey began as a primary school teacher
• her interest in natural healing and remedies for her then young family 
• how both her daughter’s health issues were the catalyst in creating her business
• Lou’s love of learning, teaching and sharing knowledge
• her passion in helping women have a better quality of life through perimenopause and menopause
• the joy she experiences when her knowledge has helped her clients have a better quality of life.
I loved chatting to Lou, and her passion and love for prioritising women’s health is infectious.
Listen in to hear the full story of what led Lou to becoming a health and hormone coach.
Proudly presented by Danielle Price, Founder of She Will Shine.


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